My name is Keith Collins - Thank you for visiting my website. If you are reading this then
is it safe to assume that you are planning to make one of the largest financial investments
of your life.  Whenever you make a large purchase, it is always wise to do your homework,
which includes gathering all the information about the item to be purchased.  When
purchasing a home, you will need an appraisal to make sure that the home is worth what
you are paying for it.  A realtor may give you information about local schools, shopping
venues, employment, mortgage companies, etcetera.  A home inspector will give you
information about the physical condition and operation of the home.

When an individual purchases a car he may read the consumer reports, test drive it and, in
some cases, have a mechanic inspect it.  That is what I do with your prospective home - I
test drive and inspect it.  This entails climbing the roof, crawling into the crawlspace, walking
in the attic,  and operating all the systems in the home.  I will spend anywhere from two to
three hours examining all the visible areas of the home, testing all the accessible outlets,
switches, appliances and plumbing fixtures in search of deficiencies.  As I perform the
inspection, I digitally record and photograph any problems I encounter.  The same evening
of the inspection, I spend anywhere from one to two hours writing your report which I then
email  to you and anyone else to whom you give me permission to send it.  The report will
include a summary, a checklist body and an appendix with digital photos.
Surveys indicate that the average home buyer spends only 18 minutes looking at his or her
future home.  Be advised that Alabama is a ‘buyer beware’ state; this is all the more reason
to have an inspection performed. In my experience, the inspection more than pays for itself
at least 90% of the time.  All homes have issues, even brand new ones.

In my opinion, a home inspection yields one of the greatest returns on your investment.

Types of inspections performed:

Pre-purchase inspections of existing homes
- The most common home inspection
performed.  This inspection is ordered by the purchaser and is of an existing dwelling.  
Typically performed after a contract is signed.  In Alabama, the buyer usually has anywhere
from 7 to 10 days to have the inspection completed.

New construction home inspections - These inspections are performed on new homes
that have just been completed.  They are performed after the utilities have been turned on
and the HVAC technicians have had the opportunity to charge the heating and cooling

New home warranty inspections - New home/builders’ warranties usually expire after 12
months and many individuals contract for a home inspection prior to expiration so they can
take advantage of the builder’s warranty.

Pre-market inspections - These inspections are performed for the seller.  This gives the
seller the opportunity to address any problems that may arise prior to listing the property
for sale.

Radon Inspections - Using a Sun Nuclear continuous radon monitor provides results
immediately. Standard test takes two full days.  Full report of results delivered via e-mail the
same evening.  North Alabama is an area of high radon.
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